You’re busy making a difference.
But are you looking after you?

So you’re a changemaker who’s wanting to make a greater impact in your corner of the world. Fire in your belly. Big vision. Commitment to making the planet a better place.

Problem is, there’s so much to do. Deadlines! An endless to-do list! A crazy number of emails! Not to mention the trickiest part of all: dealing with other people’s resistance to change …

Somehow you get by, but often only just. At times you wonder “How much longer can I maintain this pace and intensity?”

It is possible to make an impact with less stress + without burning out.

Profile photo: Erin O'BrienMy name is Erin O’Brien.  I work with the movers-and-shakers who want to make a difference and who feel there’s too much to do and never enough time.

Tragically, there are many innovative visionaries among us who feel overwhelmed, drained or on the brink of burn-out. When we changemakers don’t operate at our best, not only do we suffer but the causes we care about? Well, they suffer too.

I help changemakers to take care of themselves so they can best implement the changes they’re passionate about. Click here to find out more.