You’re busy making a difference.
But are you looking after you?

So you’re a changemaker who’s wanting to make a greater impact in your organisation. Fire in your belly. Big vision. Commitment to making your organisation a better place.

Problem is, there’s so much to do. Deadlines! An endless to-do list! A crazy number of emails! Not to mention the trickiest part of all: dealing with other people’s resistance to change …

Somehow you get by, but often only just. At times you wonder “How much longer can I maintain this pace and intensity?”

It is possible to make an impact with less stress + without burning out.

Profile photo: Erin O'BrienMy name is Erin O’Brien.  I work with the movers-and-shakers within organisations who want to make a difference, but who feel there’s too much to do and never enough time.

Tragically, there are many innovative visionaries among us who feel overwhelmed, drained or on the brink of burn-out. When we changemakers don’t operate at our best, not only do we suffer but the organisations we work for? Well, they suffer too.

I help changemakers to take care of themselves so they can best implement the changes they’re passionate about. Click here to find out more.