Are you so busy
that you don’t have time for your real goals?

Setting goals can be confusing, right? You might wonder ask yourself questions like, Should I set long-term goals or short-term goals? Should I listen to my heart or my head? What if I change my mind?

It’s even more difficult to put those goals into action. How do I get started? How do I maintain momentum? Who’s going to keep me accountable (without being scary like a drill-sargeant)? What do I do if I get stuck? HOW CAN I FIND TIME IN MY BUSY LIFE?!?

The million-dollar question is: How can you move consistently towards your goals without feeling overwhelmed, indecisive or wanting to give up?

Introducing the 90 Day Action Plan

The 90 Day Action Plan gives you practical support to live your best life.  By focusing on 3 months at a time, you can get clarity on your vision and make serious progress on your goals.  Being part of the 90 Day Action Group gives you the opportunity to pause, reflect, connect and plan on a regular basis. Even though you lead a busy life, you’ll have the time and space to move towards your dreams.

The 90 Day Action Plan provided me with the courage to keep my dreams within sight. I often think planning is boring but the process felt creative and organic.


Who will benefit from the 90 Day Action Plan?

The 90 Day Action Plan will help if you:

  • set ambitious goals which fizzle a few days later
  • have lots of unfinished projects
  • get bored or discouraged if things don’t go as planned
  • are tired of doing things on your own


  • how to set goals in a soulful, practical way
  • how to break big goals into bite-size pieces
  • how to get super-focused (we use something called Action Power Hour)
  • how to transform procrastination into progress

Who keeps you (gently) accountable to your goals?

Setting goals is the easy part.  The challenge is how to follow through!  We all lead busy lives filled with urgency. It’s hard to make time for the important stuff.  By scheduling 90 Day Action Plan webinars into your diary, you guarantee that your dreams won’t get abandoned. It’s an investment in your wellbeing and fulfillment. You’re saying to yourself “My goals are important. I’m going to make time for my dreams”.

Being in the 90 Day Action Group is reassuring because you discover you’re not the only one who feels overwhelmed, ashamed or anxious about your goals.  In our groups, we don’t pretend to be perfect.  We are real.  Successful people know the key to achieving their goals is to surround themselves with supportive, likeminded people who “get it”.  Let us be your support crew!

Being in a group was fun and rewarding — we were each doing our own thing, but we were helping each other by doing it together.


It’s both simple and profound …

The 90 Day Action Plan uses strategies that are deceptively simple yet hold profound truths. The original inspiration came from an idea by Linda Kavelin Popov in her book, A Pace of Grace. Over the years, the 90 Day Action Plan has evolved to include time management, goal setting and group work. The process is unique, combining techniques which are supported by the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology.

The 90 Day Action Plan is a blend of soulful goal-setting with practical action (and when I say practical, I mean practical!). Each part is explained step by step. You can ask questions and get support.  The sessions are well-paced so you will feel empowered not overwhelmed.

Taking action helped unstuck the stuckness.


The 90 Day Action Plan includes:

  • 6 x fortnightly (biweekly) sessions
  • NEW! Bonus “Make your Vision Page beautiful” session
  • A 90 Day Action Plan starter pack PDF
  • 1 week unlimited access to Action Power Hour
The PREMIUM 90 Day Action Plan includes all the above PLUS:
  • 2 extra coaching sessions (which means 3 in total, one per month)
  • 12 weeks unlimited Action Power Hour 

To participate you will need:

  • Regular access to the internet
  • Access to a printer
  • A pack of Post-it notes
  • An open mind and a sense of humour

Are you ready to take action on your goals?

Course Dates:

You can start at any time that you wish :)

Two weeks between sessions is perfect. Having them every week would be too soon, and if it were once a month, I’d get too distracted. Every two weeks is just right!  (Alyne)

Course Outline:

Session 1:  Create your Vision Page 

This session gives you the headspace and heartspace to focus on your vision for the next 90 days. You will choose 3 goals and discover step-by-step how to write empowering mission statements. You will also select a virtue focus (such as gentleness, assertiveness or creativity) that will support you for the next 90 days. At the end of the session, we will touch on the foundational skills for taking action on Goal #1.

Optional Bonus Session: Make your Vision Page beautiful 

This bonus session is your chance to roll up your sleeves and create a beautiful Vision Page. Session 1 focuses on the words that shape your goals; this bonus session is dedicated to the visuals. You’ll spend this precious time finding the images and fonts that represent your goals, either in magazines or online image searches, and put them together in a way that speaks to your heart. This session gives you an entire 90 minutes to focus on your Vision Page, to give it the attention and care it deserves. At the end of the session, you have the option of showing your Vision Page to the others in the group.

Session 2:  Take Action on Goal #1 

Discover the 3 steps for making your goals manageable. Learn about the two types of action steps and the different ways to plan for each. This session gives you highly practical skills for taking your first Vision Goal and breaking it down into bite-size pieces. Included in this session is 30 minutes of Action Power Hour so you actually make progress on your goals during the webinar.

Session 3:  Timelining your Action Steps for Goal #1  

The focus of this session is getting flow for your first goal. You will create your Action Plan using Post-it notes and place them on the timeline.  We reflect on your progress so far, celebrating small successes — no shame, no judgement, just genuine support in a safe space.  There is 45 minutes of Action Power Hour included in this session for you to get focused and active.

Session 4:  Timelining your Action Steps for Goal #2 

This session marks the half-way mark of your 90 Day Plan. We will have a chance to reflect on your progress so far. You will break down your second goal and then take action during 45 minutes of Action Power Hour.


Session 5:  Timelining your Action Steps for Goal #3  

This is an action-packed session, with a full 60 minutes of Action Power Hour. You can use the Action Power Hour to tweak your Action Plan and to make serious progress on your goals. There’ll also be an opportunity for troubleshooting any issues and sharing updates on your progress too.

Session 6:  Turbo-charge your Action Plan 

This session marks the last fortnight of your 90 days. You’ve come a long way, baby! By now you’ll have a lot of experience taking action. You can use your Action Power Hour to ensure a strong finish to your 90 Day Action Plan.

The 90 Day Action Plan gave me structure in my life. I now feel more confident. (Sarah)

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