This is the first in the “Day in the Life” series, where we get a glimpse into what’s involved in being a changemaker — including work, play and daily routines. Here we go behind-the-scenes with April’s Changemaker of the Month, Di James.

6.15am Sleepily, I get out of bed and change into my swimming gear, grab a towel, and head off to hydro pool for an hour work out. Oh, the bliss of wading into that warm, warm water and gently waking my body up! I silently encourage those parts of my body that could work better for me (and I also offer gratitude for the parts that do work well!) I don’t allow thoughts of problems, challenges, tasks on the to-do list or planning during this time – I keep it clear for communing with my body.

Breakfast 18.00am Home for shower, coffee (I bless and curse this addiction because that first sip is so good!) and breakfast of chia with soy milk, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, and organic yogurt — and take in the view!

9.00 Meditate. I practise Vipassana meditation which helps me feel centred and organised for the day, and in the flow. It also generates feelings of joy from within and generally makes the day go more smoothly with problems solving themselves.

Di with Embrace orders10.00 – Head to my home office to start on the to-do list for the day. This takes in a variety of things:

My morning might involve packaging up website orders for customers and popping down to the post office which is what I’m doing in this photo. (The small parcel in my hand is going to Texas in the US).

Some days I need to organise a bigger order for one of our retailers. I love doing these because I feel a connection to our customers and send off all orders with genuine love and an intention for transformation and joy.

Later in the morning, I do lots of computer work – stock control sheets, 90 Day Action Plans, writing manuals and workshop materials and eBooks – all that sort of thing. Then there is web site management and Facebook posts.

Di in office 2b

The best part is when I get to ‘play’ with the products. We take great care and pride in the design and presentation of our products. I never tire of working with our designer, Louie, to make sure that every detail is perfect.

Some days I need to go to the printers or suppliers, deliver orders, or pick up stock. We use local people wherever possible and support organisations such as House With No Steps wherever we can. We also have a strong commitment to using natural materials and it is fun sourcing these.  

3.00pm – The blissful afternoon nap!! Having a nap gives me ‘two days in one’ as I wake up re-energised and ready to do the ‘second’ day.

After my nap, I refer back to  my diary. My to-do lists, goals, intentions and targets help make this business successful.

Di gardening 1

I have always loved gardening and am very fond of my white and purple garden. I am thankful that my husband, Bryson, is doing most of the gardening and house maintenance now, leaving me free to concentrate on embrace virtues.

6.30pm Bryson and I go for a walk on the path by Lake Macquarie. We love that it is quiet and there are no car fumes – just lots of birds, beauty, and tranquility. 

Di in herb garden 27.30pm I love to prepare dinner by picking herbs and salad leaves straight from the garden to the plate. The kitchen is the heart of our home and my favourite place to create magic.

9.30pm Bryson and I go for another walk (even if it is raining!) Some people think this is strange but we really like being out at this time of night.

10.30pm I read some inspirational book before I go to sleep. I also organise the to-do list for the next day.

And then I put some entries in my ‘Creation Book’. This gorgeous little book has affirmations, intentions, inspirational quotes and gratitude lists. I think it is a wonderful way to ensure sweet dreams and great outcomes. I feel very grateful for my life and the opportunity to do the work I do. It actually feels funny calling it ‘work’!

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