What does a Day in the Life of a Changemaker really look like? This month we’re going behind-the-scenes of TWO changemakers: Shanil Samarakoon from Empower Projects in Sydney, and his colleague at Empower in Malawi, Jones Ntaukira.

First up, we have Jones’ photos and captions. 

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5:15a.m-6:00 a.m.: Each day starts with jogging 10kms. When I jog, I meditate and it helps me plan my day.

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6:00a.m-6:30a.m. : As a permaculturalist, I grow my own food. My breakfast usually go with fresh salad from my garden.


8:00a.m.: At the office. Lilongwe is a very dusty city. But I love to look good and presentable so I keep a shoe brush and polish handy at the office.


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8:45a.m.: First call of the day. Today am talking to the Microfinance Program Manager of The Hunger Project Malawi to discuss a draft MOU between Empower Malawi and THP-Malawi to be signed soon. Excited about this partnership.



10a.m.: Mornings are the busiest at office. Another phone call with Alick Banda, the Managing Director of Rehope Microfinance. Rehope founder based in Australia, approached Empower Malawi to provide strategic leadership as consultants and assess possibility to take over operations of Rehope. Today we discussed Empower’s upcoming scoping visit to Rehope in Nkhatabay.


12:00noon: Apart for my work with Empower, I am a fundraising volunteer for The Association of People with Albinism in Malawi (TAPAM). We are running a campaign in hotels and campsites in Lilongwe where we have put boxes for tourists to donate leftover sunscreen lotions, after sun lotions, sun hats, sun glasses or even clothes when they are leaving the country. Today, I was called by Kiboko Town Hotel to collect some of the donated materials. Here, am receiving sunscreen lotions and sun hats from the Hotel administrator.



1:00p.m.: My very dearly loved lunch portion. A sausage roll, fresh salad and a lunch bar. I eat this nearly every day…..the best thing since sliced bread!


5.00p.m.: Afternoon is usually when am very active and at my very best. When its knock off time at 5p.m. am usually panicking because I don’t want to knock off — I just want to get going. Here am walking to the bus stop with Bright Msuku- my colleague and assistant project officer at Empower Malawi. I usually stop by the supermarket to get myself some fresh and hot bread!


6:15p.m.: Walking the last distance home while it gets darker.



10:00p.m.: Pheew! Last Skype meeting of the day. Today was talking to colleagues at Earthship Biotecture in Taos, New Mexico. We are planning to complete construction of Earthship Community Centre in Kapita here in Malawi in January 2015 when we will a second hit of volunteers and crew come to work with locals and complete the centre which will house among others a hall, a nursery school, a library, offices and potentially a community radio station.


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What did you discover by getting a glimpse into his life?