What does a Day in the Life of a Changemaker really look like? This month we’re going behind-the-scenes as Libby Ellis, Changemaker of the Month for September, shares with us snapshots from her day.
7am. I run one morning a week and walk a couple times a week (sometimes 3 mornings) with a friend a fellow social entrepreneur. Exercising with a partner has changed me from a non-exerciser to an exerciser!


Libby 2

9.00am I am usually heading in to my office! It’s wonderful to be able to look out on our garden. On the days that I work from home, I start the day by writing 250 words towards my first book.



My day might involve co-developing workshops with partners. This is a virtual meeting with a colleague as we map out some information sessions we are going to run in Newcastle where the NSW NDIS trial site is. It’s a great opportunity now with the NDIS for people with disabilities and families to be teaching and leading.



I am also running some sessions for other siblings of a person with disability in Brisbane in October. The host organisation sent me the flier to give it the once over!



We are working in an emerging space in disability now more than ever. So my day also involves meeting with others with similar agendas to plan collaborative projects. Collaboration is key to creating broad social impact in self direction. Here I am meeting with Robert Manga from My Voice.


Libby 6

Sticking with the collaboration theme. Increasing numbers of people with disabilities and their families are managing their own government support packages. This has proven a liberating experience, made all the more so when combined with peer support. This group, called Supported Living Network, pool some of their resources to learn from each other. I am facilitating a session for them using an action-learning methodolgy that helps people reflect and uncover their own solutions (as oppposed to just telling each other what to do).

Sometimes planning takes place in the evening as people have family and other obligations during the day. Also, I am often planning virtually! Here I am talking with a parent leader about interest in running the Ally Project on the south coast of NSW.



The days are getting warmer but our evenings generally still involve a fire. If I haven’t got a meeting, my husband and I (and the cat!) really enjoy this time together,winding down.


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