What does a Day in the Life of a Changemaker really look like?

Here Shanil Samarakoon from Empower Projects shares some snapshots of a typical day.


1) My laptop is a key part of each day. I start the day with an hour dedicated to writing (7-8am) with a 250 word goal towards the book I’m writing . It’s been going well do far!

I have my headphones with me as I love music. The music I listen to, as with most, is a barometer for how I’m feeling.

The rest of the day typically involves managing emails, checking on out social media channels, crunching through tasks and attending any meetings I have lined up. A lot gets done at this desk!




2) My morning run is part of my general commitment to health and fitness. It is also part of my training for a marathon in September this year. I’ve raised a lot of money for our projects by focusing on my running.

The route I run is gorgeous. I love the lush greenery in and around the Paramatta River. Running is also a presencing activity for me. I get to focus on my breathing and my stride, people think I’m crazy but I consider it a form of meditation. To me it’s symbolic of the importance of being intensely focused on the present. As per the hills in the background, there will always be peaks and troughs, what matters is how you handle the present tense.


3) Like Jones I love gardening! I find it cathartic and it’s a reflection of my values … and Empower’s values too. As a permaculturalist, I’m a strong advocate for organic, local produce. I do all I can with our balcony at home. We grow all our herbs and greens & recycle all our food waste.


4) On my way to the city for a meeting with James, our finance director. The ferry is a lovely way to travel!  I tend to use this time to read or write in my trust notebook. Again, it’s also a reflection of values – I’m a big supporter of public transport. I use it everyday.



5) Weekly skype call with Jones in Malawi. Because of the time difference between Australia and Malawi, the skype calls typically happen at the end of the day.



6) Capping off the day with some dinner and wine with my partner. It’s a lovely way to end the day.


Over to you … leave a comment below

Last week, Shanil’s colleague from Empower Malawi, Jones Ntaukira, took part in A Day in the Life. Check out his photo journal here.