Today I want to share two screenshots of my calendar with you. If you’re a visual person like me and like colour, I think you’ll appreciate this post.

The first screenshot is a fairly typical week for me. It shows Monday-Sunday, 8am-5pm.

As you can see, I’ve scrubbed out the names of clients and other details (quite messily, I might add … the recovering perfectionist in me is both mortified and proud of the fact that I’ve coloured outside the lines!)

Calendar typical week 800w

If you’re curious what the colours mean:

Blue = work commitments
Green = self-care
Purple = other appointments
Pink = socialising

The next screenshot is of next week … the week I’m going on holidays:

Calendar holiday 800w


What I love about this screenshot is how much green and pink there is (oh, and orange … orange = travel). For me, a true vacation needs introvert (green) and extrovert (pink) time.

You’ll also notice there’s no blue from Wednesday through Sunday. Unlike my recent holiday, this is not a working holiday. So I won’t be taking my laptop, or making any calls or emails.

(By the way, I’m not exactly sure what my time away will look like. I won’t be even looking at my calendar while I’m on holiday — I’ve just put those colours in as an intention).

Why is this important?

According to Stephen Covey (the guy who wrote 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), being able to have a “week at a glance” is an important time management principle. It gives a big picture overview of the near future, without it being overwhelming (like a daily calendar) or too vague (like a monthly calendar).

Taking a screenshot of my week really helped me get perspective. Having colour-coded categories helps me to have balance in my week — just like a healthy meal has a variety of colour, a healthy week means having a range of colours too.

A calendar challenge

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to ask for volunteers to share screenshots of their calendar (with the details blanked out). Would you be willing?

Think about what you’d feel comfortable with — maybe you’d willing to share it privately with me via email, or maybe you’re bold enough to share it publicly on my blog.

Please don’t send anything through yet … this is only a heads-up for now :)

In the meantime …

I have a few simple questions to ask you about your calendar:

1. What colours do you use, if any?

2. What do the colours represent?

3. Looking at your week, which colours/categories dominate? What do you need to do to get some more colour balance?