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I’m Erin O’Brien. I work with changemakers who have “too much to do and not enough time”.

Don’t be fooled by appearances! People think I look much younger than I am, until they hear my experience:

  • Helped 900 people achieve their goals with less stress
  • Coached 300 business owners during the past 4 years
  • 3 years experience running Time Management workshops at Sydney University
  • Background in positive psychology, education and neuroleadership
  • Australian Business and Communities Network facilitator, running workshops at Ernst & Young and CommBank.


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Why I love what I do

I’ve been running this business since 2008. At first, it was a business on-the-side. In 2011, I decided to take it to the next level: I renamed it Activate28 and dived into working full-time.

I used to teach Time Management and Goal Setting workshops at The University of Sydney. For three years, I helped students (from first years to PhD candidates) who struggled with overwhelm, procrastination and perfectionism. In the student evaluations, 99.7% said that my teaching helped them to learn effectively.

I’ve helped over 900 people get better results with less stress. Listening attentively to their challenges and struggles, I came up with solutions using the power of positive peer pressure. Over the years I’ve refined these strategies. Action Power Hour is one of the results!

It’s important that I giving back is part of my business model. I’ve given away $588 to former Changemakers of the Month and to clients as an incentive to celebrate and invest in self-care.

Everything I teach, I apply to myself. I need these skills as much as my clients do. I’ve been told that people appreciate me not pretending to be perfect.

Outside work, you might find me watching foreign films with friends, eating Lebanese food or doing community service. And occasionally I get the urge to juggle or dance (Afrobeats is my favourite). Or watch too many talks in a row.