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As Chief Changemaker at Activate28, I spend my days with entrepreneurs creating change in their corner of the world: I coach super-busy social entrepreneurs how to use their time & energy wisely, I interview Changemakers of the Month, and I watch TED speakers rock the virtual stage (yep, lucky me gets to call this work!)

Changemaker of the Month: Felipe Jara

Felipe Jara is a transformational consultant in the field of culture and leadership development at People for Success. Felipe has worked with hundreds of leaders and dozens of organisations in Australia and overseas supporting them to rewire their mindsets […]

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Changemaker of the Month: Carmel Zein from New Light Events

Carmel Zein is innovating the conference industry. She is taking the typically boring format of a conference (sitting in a hotel room for hours on end, being served starchy food, listening to one-way presentations) and turning it on its […]

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Changemaker of the Month (Feb 2017): Trudy Rankin

Trudy Rankin has over 15 years management experience in corporate environments, helping organisations better serve customers and staff through the use of digital technology and improved processes.

She now runs her own business, West Island Digital, where she provides consultancy […]

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Activate28 is closed but here are some Changemaker interviews …

Although Activate28 has been closed since October 2015, I have decided to reignite the Changemaker of the Month interviews. It’s a great way to talk to inspiring people and to stay connected to the social entrepreneur community. So please […]

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Changemaker of the Month (Aug 2016): Tim Mahlberg

The future of work? What is it and how is Tim Mahlberg paving the way?

In this Changemaker of the Month podcast, Tim describes his ‘baby’ — the NAB Village in Melbourne — which he helped nurture from its inception […]

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Changemaker of the Month (July 2016): George Siosi Samuels

Ringleader extraordinaire and offline community specialist, George is all about the power of the pack! As former Community Lead at Australia’s largest co-working space, Hub Melbourne, and currently Community Manager of financial giant, IRESS Global, he knows how to rally […]

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Activate28 in Images

A lot has changed since I launched the Activate28 website in 2011. I remember my hands shaking when I pressed ‘publish’ for the first time on a webpage!

Back then it was a lot of DIY (as you can see if […]

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I’m Breaking Up With My Business

As of October 28, 2015, I’m breaking up with my business. I’m now officially a business divorcee!

To help process the mix of emotions, I  wrote a spoken word poem. I’ve been told it’s quirky and poignant and heartfelt.

Although I […]

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Activate28 Newsletter archive

Here is a sample of the 246 newsletters that I’ve sent out over the years with subscribers-only content.

For the stat geeks out there, the average open rate was 44.22% — 3 times the industry average of 15%. Average click-through 5 times […]

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Practical tips for writing grant funding applications: Changemaker Coaching Session with Libby Ellis

This month’s Changemaker of the Month, Libby Ellis from InCharge, chose the topic of writing grant applications for her coaching session.
The Problem: “I don’t know where to begin when writing applications”
Libby says: “When I start writing an application, it takes […]