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The Virtues Reflection Cards can help you tune into your heart and live by your highest values.

Each pack contains 100 cards, including determination, creativity, assertiveness, gentleness and justice.

You can use them in a few ways, such as:

          • To connect in a heart-centered way with friends or family
          • To ground yourself at the start of the day
          • To guide you when you have a big decision to make
          • To help you set goals and decisions aligned with your values
          • To share with a friend who is having a hard time
          • To acknowledge a family member who has been successful



The Virtue Reflection Cards are created by The Virtues Project.

Each card contains two sides.

On the front is a description of the virtue with a beautiful shot from nature.

On the back is a quote plus “The Practice of …” (what that virtue looks like in practice) along with an affirmation. For example, here is the virtue card of Commitment:



What sort of Virtue Cards suit you best?

You can get your own set of Virtue Reflection Cards in electronic form (iPhone app, Android app, or eCards) or as the original cards.


1. iPhone app

  • Perfect if you want easy access to the Virtue Reflection Cards — wherever you have your phone, you can access them
  • Great for doing a Virtues Pick on the train or at work
  • You can even email a virtue card to a friend
  • Costs only 99 cents

Buy iPhone app via iTunes


2. Android app

  • Similar to the iPhone app, the Virtue Cards Android app is a convenient way to access the virtue cards
  • You can even email a card to a friend — a perfect pick-me-up when someone is having a hard time, or a chance to acknowledge their strengths
  • Costs only $1

Buy Android app via app store (scroll down)


3. eCards

  • Downloadable files that you can keep on file on your computer
  • You can upload the virtue cards to your website or blog
  • You can send a virtue card to a friend
  • Costs $25 approx

Buy eCards here via Virtues Shop


4. The original Virtue Reflection Cards

  • These are physical cards, not virtual cards!
  • That means you can can shuffle them, sort them
  • Great for putting up on your mirror or on your desk as a reminder
  • Costs $25 approx (plus postage)

Buy Virtue Reflection Cards here via Virtues Shop


PS. My friends, colleagues and clients LOVE the Virtue Reflection Cards. It always makes me smile when they take out their phone and look up a card on the app, or have a virtue card on display in their house or office.

For the past seven years, I have had a pack of the original cards. Recently I bought the eCards (which I use on my website, in my webinars, and I love sending them as surprises via email too).

If it feels right, I hope you buy a pack for yourself.

Just so you know, none of the above links are affiliate links. I simply want to share with you what I love!

Let me know if you have any questions — or if you buy a pack, I’d love you to tell me what you think. Email me: erin [at] activate28 [dot] com