How Dimity saved 1 week of time (with this simple inbox tip)

This month’s Changemaker of the Month, Dimity Podger, chose Inbox Bootcamp for her coaching session.

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of our coaching session, and how you, too, can save 1 week a year with this simple step. 

The […]

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How much time do you spend on email each YEAR?

I’ve been thinking a lot about email lately. I’ve been listening to my clients, reading blogposts and seeking out research articles.

But my biggest AHA moment about email came when i got out my calculator and punched in some numbers.

I […]

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Cocaine, email and deliberate distraction

“Social media is addictive!”

“Checking my email is a compulsion — I just can’t help myself.”

“I wonder if I have ADD”.

I hear my clients saying things like this all the time. They’re half-joking, but there’s a lot of truth in […]

Part 2: Looking inside people’s inboxes (this is what I’ve learned)

As I continue to help my Inbox Bootcamp clients, I’m amazed at how much our inboxes reveal about us.

During each Inbox Bootcamp session, I ask my clients if they’re willing to do a screenshare with me. I find that […]

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Part 1: Looking inside people’s inboxes (this is what I’ve learned)

The past few days I’ve been offering free Inbox Health Checks to help people who feel overwhelmed with email.

And I’ve learned something. I’ve learned that overwhelm is not about the number of emails in your inbox.

I’ve had people who get […]

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Does Keeping Up with Your Inbox Ever Feel Like This?

A scene from I Love Lucy that pretty much sums up our Crazy Email Age.

The idea for this post came via Jeff Weiner’s LinkedIn article “7 Ways to Manage Email So It Doesn’t Manage You” here.

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Ever wish you could delete EVERYTHING in your inbox?

Photo credit: Ervins Strauhmanis via Creative Commons

Ughhhhh. You can feel it, can’t you? The weight of all those dozens (hundreds? thousands, even?) of emails just sitting there in your inbox.

Some of those messages in your inbox go back weeks – maybe even […]

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