The first time I hired a graphic designer (and how ugly perfectionism can be)

Have you ever hired a graphic designer? I shudder when I think about the first time I paid for graphic design work. Five years ago I needed a logo for my first business, Creating Space to Focus, and decided to fork […]

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You’re invited! A Google Hangout on why changemakers burn out

Out of the blue last week, I got invited by Start Some Good to be on a panel for a Google Hangout. The topic? 

Changemaker Sustainability: Preventing Burnout and Improving Productivity
I’ll be sharing my insights into why changemakers burn out, and […]

Regrets. Regrets. Dealing with Regrets.

Regret. Such an uncomfortable feeling. I’ve been hit hard this week. Not just a single instance, but a triple-dose:
Regret situation #1: Business opportunity gone missing
I missed a great business opportunity that had been on my mind for a few […]

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Day #16: From rush-rush-rush to buffer time

I’ve been experimenting with adding *buffer time* between my appointments. Actually putting it in my calendar, rather than thinking “I’ll remember to leave time”. I’m finding this especially important with travel time. And getting-ready-to-leave-the-house time.

If I don’t put […]

Day #12: I need to be seen

Blocking time in my calendar is really useful. I call it “appointments with myself” and I do it for things like finances on Wednesday morning, and doing social media and blogging every afternoon.

Lately, though, I wasn’t doing the blogging […]

Day #10: A reality check

It’s Friday. Doing my Daily Check-in, I looked at my calendar. There is so much more there than I have time for.

There’s a voice in me that says “But you need to do all these things! They’re important! They’re […]

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Day #9: My one rule when I procrastinate

In our culture, there’s this idea we need to be *switched on* and *productive* at all times. That taking time out is *wrong* or *bad*. That idle time is *wasted time*.

I fall into this trap too. It’s hard to have […]

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Day #8: Oops, no show

I didn’t blog today. #andthatsok

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Day #6: Emails, Emails, Drowning in Emails

Emails are the bane of our modern life. In my work, I’ve helped people with a LOT of email stress. Thousands of emails sitting in their inbox. Countless requests and newsletters and updates flooding their inbox every day.

I’ve coached dozens […]

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Day #5: Making routine. Breaking routine.

Today is Day 5 of my Mini-Blog Challenge.

I’m a big fan of auto-pilot (I use that word for those of you who are ‘routine’-averse). With routine/auto-pilot, I love how my brain doesn’t have to think. And it fascinates me […]

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