The Value of Vacations (4 lessons I learned from my recent trip away)

I’ve just got back from a week away — my first decent vacation since (dare I say it?) June 2011. Sure, I had a few mini-retreats last year, but only a couple of nights at a time. Never quite […]

My favourite quote when I’m “off-track”

Today I want to share one of my all-time favourite quotes:

Photo credit: Mollivan Jon via Creative Commons
When I read this quote, itĀ gives me permission to bathe in self-acceptance.

This quote is by Stephen Covey — the author of “7 Habits […]

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist (part 2)

If you didn’t already know, I am soooo far from perfect …
Sometimes people think I’m some time management whiz who has everything under control. Because I’m an ‘expert on procrastination’, people often assume that I never procrastinate.

Ha! Believe me, […]

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