Day #5: Making routine. Breaking routine.

Today is Day 5 of my Mini-Blog Challenge.

I’m a big fan of auto-pilot (I use that word for those of you who are ‘routine’-averse). With routine/auto-pilot, I love how my brain doesn’t have to think. And it fascinates me […]

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Day #4: Eating humble pie

Here is my Day 4 post from the Mini-Blog Challenge

Today was a humbling day. Here are two confessions (which take some courage, considering I’m a time coach):
Scenario 1. I didn’t do my Daily Check-in this morning (which makes me […]

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Day #3: Finances, finances

Today is Day 3 of the Mini-Blog Challenge

Wednesday morning = finance day. I love having this time blocked out — it keeps me sane.

During the week, when I get letters in the mailbox, or emails in my inbox, I […]

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Day #2: Not urgent

Today is Day 2 of my Mini-Blog Challenge

I helped one of my clients with his Weekly Reflection today. He didn’t do it last Friday (as he usually would) because something more urgent came up. We spent 20 minutes of […]

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Day #1: Overcommitted — oops!

Last week was crazy. I had out-of-the-house commitments NINE days in a row.

You have to understand how incredibly rare for me — I have a pact with myself not to book myself 3 days consecutively, otherwise I get off-balance […]

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I’ve been procrastinating writing my blog. Here’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve fallen off the blog-writing horse. Three weeks have slipped by, with good intentions to write, but have produced nothing (except regret and more procrastination).

I could write excuses, but instead I’m going to write blogs. A 28 day blog challenge. A 28 […]

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When a small distraction = a big waste of time

I’ve been noticing myself getting really stuck lately. I’m rewriting some of my webpages and have noticed a LOT of resistance coming up. Have you had a similar experience? (If not writing your website, maybe you can relate to writing an essay […]

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Why determination alone won’t help you

Often when we have a goal or project, we think that determination alone will help get us there.

It’s little wonder — we’re inundated with messages like “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, “When the going gets tough, the […]

Post-vacation — how to be gentle on yourself before you return to work

I’ve just got back from my vacation to Queensland. This photo is from the dining room of my friend’s house … I think you’d agree, it’s a stunning view.

It wasn’t long ago that I went on a working holiday, […]

A sneak peek at my calendar

Today I want to share two screenshots of my calendar with you. If you’re a visual person like me and like colour, I think you’ll appreciate this post.

The first screenshot is a fairly typical week for me. It shows […]