Practical tips for writing grant funding applications: Changemaker Coaching Session with Libby Ellis

This month’s Changemaker of the Month, Libby Ellis from InCharge, chose the topic of writing grant applications for her coaching session.
The Problem: “I don’t know where to begin when writing applications”
Libby says: “When I start writing an application, it takes […]

Time management coaching session with Shanil Samarakoon

Each month, as part of the Changemaker of the Month program, I offer an in-kind coaching session via skype can choose a topic related to time management, inbox fitness or self-care. 

This month’s Changemaker of the Month, Shanil Samarakoon from […]

Decision-making coaching session with Natasha Akib

As Changemaker of the Month, Natasha Akib received a coaching session on a topic of her choice — Decision-making.
The Problem: A brain overflowing with decisions to be made!
Natasha said: “Working on so many projects and in multiple roles, there are […]

Changemaker Coaching session (Di James declutters her in-tray)

This month’s Changemaker of the Month, Di James, confessed to me that she’s always struggled with clutter — an overflowing in-tray, messy bookshelves, papers on her desk. She said that it’s hard to think clearly when her office had […]