Donate28 photo proof: How Natasha Akib spent her Donate28 money (photo proof!)

It might look more like torture than self-care, but Natasha Akib, Changemaker of the Month for June, knows that acupuncture is good for her wellbeing.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the needles in her stomach (along with her […]

Donate28 photo evidence: Di James gets help with social media marketing

Di James, Changemaker of the Month for May, decided to spend her Donate28 money on support from a social media consultant.

She enlisted the help of Kylie Smiley (pictured, left) from Newcastle Mobile Marketing Service to create some social media strategies.

Like […]

Donate28 update: The second Donate28 payment has been made

The second payment for Donate28 has been paid out! Sangita Iyer, the Changemaker of the Month for March, received AU$112 (US$100).

To celebrate the launch of her For the Love of Elephants campaign, Sangita took her son out to dinner […]

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Donate28 update: Rochelle has spent her Donate28 money

Yesterday I received this photo evidence from Rochelle Stewart-Allen that she’s spent her Donate28 money.

As Changemaker of the Month for February, Rochelle received $84 and had until the end of March to spend her money on self-care. She opted […]

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The first Donate28 has been officially paid out!

Here’s the proof! I just sent the inaugural Donate28 money to February’s Changemaker of the Month, Rochelle Stewart-Allen.

It feels really good to share money I make in my business!

Rochelle has until the end of the month to spend her […]

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Announcing Donate28

Starting 18 February, 2014, I will be soft-launching Donate28. I’m trialling this — publicly — which is a bit risky but also worth it! I’d love to share this process with the world. This is how it will work:

Every […]

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