A reminder for us changemakers …

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TEDxSydney 2014

On the Saturday of the ANZAC Day long weekend, 2000+ socially conscious people converged on the Sydney Opera House for the annual TEDxSydney conference¬† (no, it ain’t a conference … what should I call it? Event? Talkfest? Meeting Place […]

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Protected: My Vision Page for Jan 2014 – (available only to subscribers)

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Day #7: One of *those* days

I’m having “one of those days”. Restless. Direction-less. Aimlessly internet surfing.

I’m waiting for a parcel to arrive. It’s meant to arrive today. Actually, yesterday. But it hasn’t. I’ve been listening out for a knock at the door. I’ve checked […]

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My frustration with calendars (and finally finding one that works for me)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love your calendar?

Until recently, my answer to that would’ve been a “3”. I knew what features to look for in a calendars, but despite lots of research, I […]

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The 15 Minute Challenge

I’ve had the “15 Minute Rule” on my mind for a few days, thanks to a blogpost written by Mel (one of my buddies in my blogging group). The blogpost is about some advice I gave her a few […]

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Why the F-word is banned in my webinars

Everyone’s got an opinion on the F-word. Before I tell you my opinion (and why), let me describe the categories I see people fall into.

Some people say the F-word out of habit (whether a little or a lot).
Others use […]

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Why I’m not a fan of SMART goals

So you might have heard about SMART goals. It’s one of the most popular goal-setting frameworks out there, but I’m not convinced. In fact, I actually think they can be detrimental. Let me explain why.

Before I do, let’s make […]

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4pm on Friday: When everything bottlenecks

This is an email I sent to my subscribers last week:
I’m having one of *those* days.

You know, when it’s 4pm on Friday, and you’ve still got a hundred things to get done? It’s like everything seems to bottleneck in […]

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Landfill-Harmonic Orchestra — combining eco+social enterprise

Have you seen this 3:27 minute viral video yet? It’s pretty inspiring. It’s about the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra (Get it? Try saying their name out loud).

Also known as the Recycled Orchestra, this group shows incredible resourcefulness and heart.¬†The highlights […]

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