Feeling overwhelmed? Have a decision you need to make?

Whatever it is, hold it in your mind as you read through the virtue card of discernment.

Reflection Questions
1. Which sentence(s) above resonate with you the most?

2. What would discernment look like […]

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The life change that let me work from home: An Interview by Serena Star Leonard

I was flattered when best-selling author, Serena Star Leonard, asked to interview me for her blog. It’s all about the “Good Life Crisis” I had when I started Activate28 in 2010.

So, if you’re curious about my journey of working […]

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Update28: a ten-month turnaround in my business

April 2013 was my 18th month in business. Like a toddler who’s getting much steadier on her feet, Activate28 is taking strides forward.

It’s been a bit quiet between updates. Yep, the previous one was 10 months ago. (You can read […]

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Making peace with lions — the invention by a 13 year old social entrepreneur

Richard Turere is a 13 year Kenyan with a true heart of a social entrepreneur.

What I love about this is that Richard saw a problem — the lions killing his family’s cattle — and he created a solution.

Here are […]

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Protected: Erin’s 90 Day Vision Page (April 2013)

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It’s Launch Month at Activate28

Happy 28th of the month!
I’m excited today to announce the re-launch of Activate28 with its new direction.

Curious who my business will be helping?

Well, rather than share with you all the details here in this email, it might be easier […]

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Creating order out of chaos

I recently worked with a client who owns a home-business.

She was feeling overwhelmed by how cluttered and disorganised her office was. She was struggling to get on top of her workload — she had orders coming in, but she […]

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Protected: Erin’s Vision Page for Jan 2013

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What is initiative?



Initiative is a powerful quality that can help get a new project started, or a new idea born into reality.


Initiative reminds me of a match — it’s the spark that gets a fire going!


In my own life, initiative is […]

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Want your own Virtues Cards?

The Virtues Reflection Cards help you tune into your heart and live by your highest values.
Each pack contains 100 cards, including determination, creativity, assertiveness, gentleness and justice.

You can use them in a few ways, such as:

To connect in a heart-centered way […]

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