This month’s Changemaker of the Month, Di James, confessed to me that she’s always struggled with clutter — an overflowing in-tray, messy bookshelves, papers on her desk. She said that it’s hard to think clearly when her office had so much going on.

So during herĀ coaching session, we got down to business. First step was to take all the papers, product prototypes and floating Post-it notes and put them in the in-tray:

Practically everything in the in-tray represented a task that needed to be done — which send Di into a tailspin! So much stuff to do! So I taught her a technique for going through the in-tray super efficiently. After 15 minutes, she knew what was in the in-tray and had crystal clarity about what she needed to do.

And then we went about doing it! Phase 1 of the actioning took just over an hour, and the bulk of stuff disappeared. To finish off the session, we discussed the next steps and I left Di to continue doing Phase 2 on her own. A couple of days later, she sent me this photo:

It’s amazing what some focused action time + having a witness can do!