Changemaker of the Month series

changemaker-multicolor 250x250Changemaker of the Month celebrates the movers-and-shakers who are stirring things up, doing things differently and putting their vision for a better world into action.

Listen to the podcasts below to discover how they’re making a difference, some of the challenges along the path (contrary to popular belief, it’s not all glitz and glamour being a changemaker) and what their vision is.


Introducing Changemaker of the Month (Apr 2017): Felipe Jara from People for Success

Felipe Jara is a transformational consultant in the field of culture and leadership development at People for Success. Felipe has worked with hundreds of leaders and dozens of organisations in Australia and overseas supporting them to rewire their mindsets towards one focused on customer centricity, innovation and agility.

We talk about leadership and culture change, including dealing with egos and vulnerability … and how to get 200 leaders singing at a workshop! Connect with Felipe on LinkedIn here.

Who are the previous Changemakers of the Month?

Changemaker of the Month (Mar 2017): Carmel Zein from New Light Events

Carmel Zein is innovating the conference industry. She is taking the typically boring format of a conference (sitting in a hotel room for hours on end, being served starchy food, listening to one-way presentations) and turning it on its head with New Light Events.

Changemaker of the Month (Feb 2017): Trudy Rankin

Trudy Rankin has over 15 years management experience in corporate environments, helping organisations better serve customers and staff through the use of digital technology and improved processes. In this episode we talk about culture change in large organisations. Connect with Trudy here.

Changemaker of the Month (Sep 2016): Fallen Guthrie

Fallen Guthrie, eco-towel designer and social entrepreneur, talks about launching a product and how she manages her time. Most impressive of all? Her answer to “What would you do if you had more time?” Check out her website Brazen Adventurer.

Changemaker of the Month (Aug 2016): Tim Mahlberg

The future of work? What is it and how is Tim Mahlberg paving the way? In this Changemaker of the Month podcast, Tim describes his ‘baby’ — the NAB Village in Melbourne — which he helped nurture from its inception into the largest co-working space in Australia. He also talks about his PhD studies in the future of work, and about Open Space methodology (aka ‘unconferencing’). Connect with Tim on his website

Changemaker of the Month (Jul 2016): George Siosi Samuels from It Will Come

Ringleader extraordinaire and offline community specialist, George is all about the power of the pack! As former Community Lead at Hub Melbourne, and currently Community Manager of financial giant, IRESS Global, he knows how to rally the troops to increase engagement and productivity. We talk accountability, masterminds and ‘aloha’ spirit. Connect with George on Twitter, Youtube, It Will Come website


Libby profile photo 400

Changemaker of the Month (September 2014): Libby Ellis from InCharge

Read Libby’s interview

Check out her Day in the Life photo journal

Learn alongside Libby how to streamline her proposal writing


Dimity profile

Changemaker of the Month (August 2014): Dimity Podger from Barasa Consulting

Read Dimity’s interview

Check out her Day in the Life photo journal

Learn alongside Dimity with her Inbox coaching session (and how she saved 1 week with this simple tip)


2 - CropChangemaker of the Month (July 2014): Shanil Samarakoon from Empower Projects

Read Shanil’s interview, watch his TEDx talk, check out Shanil’s A Day in the Life photo journal

Learn about time management through his Activate28 coaching session

See the Donate28 photo evidence


Natasha profile FBChangemaker of the Month (June 2014): Natasha Akib from Start Some Good

Read Natasha’s interview, check out A Day in the Life photo journal

Learn about decision-making through her Activate28 coaching session

See the Donate28 photo evidence (it involves needles!)


Di photo 2

Changemaker of the Month: (April/May 2014): Di James from Embrace Virtues

Read Di’s interview or check out A Day in the Life photo journal

Learn about decluttering from her Activate28 coaching session

See the Donate28 photo evidence


Sangita Lakshmi22-300x168

Changemaker of the Month (March 2014): Sangita Iyer from For the Love of Elephants

Read Sangita’s interview

See the Donate28 photo evidence



Rochelle at Half the Sky screening 3

Changemaker of the Month (February 2014): Rochelle Stewart-Allen from Daya Trust

Read Rochelle’s interview

See the Donate28 photo evidence



What is Changemaker of the Month?

The Changemaker of the Month award recognises the work of outstanding changemakers … with a twist.

There are plenty of awards out there showcasing the ‘glitz and glamour’ of changemaking – the breakthroughs, the successes.

The Changemaker of the Month award is different. It showcases the everyday while celebrating the mundane. It acknowledges that changemaking is indeed challenging, and often involves hurdles and hard slog.

Each month a selected changemaker lets us in behind-the-scenes and shows us a glimpse into life as a changemaker. We get to know the human being behind the successful project, including their struggles and challenges.

Because social entrepreneurs tend to work super hard, and are so focused on giving to others, they sometimes neglect their own self-care. They often get so busy that they forget to pause, reflect and celebrate.

The Changemaker of the Month program is my way of giving back. Scroll to the bottom to see how I give back (including Donate28 cash).


During 2014, Changemaker of the Month recipients received three things:

a) A chance to plug their work

b) A coaching session worth $220 to lighten the load (on a topic of their choice, such as time management, inbox fitness, self-care or decision-making) 

c) Donate28 cash to spend on self-care, support or celebration (I donate $28 from every program I sell to the Donate28 kitty. Learn more about Donate28 here). 

At last count, $588 has been allocated to changemakers via Donate28.


Nominate a future Changemaker of the Month

Nominate a changemaker 300x300Do you have a friend, family member or colleague who is making a difference and deserves to receive?

Or is there a changemaker in your community or in the cyberworld who you respect (even if you don’t know them personally)?

Jump over to the nomination page and tell me who it is and why they’re deserving. I’ll send them a congratulations email for their nomination and add them to the shortlist for future Changemakers of the Month.

It only takes 3 minutes to nominate someone, and it could really make their day.

Update: Changemaker of the Month is no longer receiving nominations. 

But instead of letting that good karma go to waste (you’ve got someone in mind that you were going to nominate, right?) why don’t you send them a quick email instead!? It can be short-n-sweet, along the lines of “Today I saw this cool website called Changemaker of the Month, and I was going to nominate you! Unfortunately they’re not taking nominations anymore, but I want to let you know I respect the work you’re doing — in particular, I want to acknowledge your [dedication to helping people and your perseverance in not giving up, even when it’s really hard]. Keep up the good work!”