IMG_9765bw_1Dr Dimity Podger is Founder and Director of Barasa Consulting Group. She works with businesses to create high performance culture through bringing their noble values to life.

Prior to Barasa, she was the team leader guiding an international collaboration to develop a values-based indicator framework and transformation process that has been implemented by nearly 150 organisations in 61 countries across Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. 

She holds a PhD in Education for Sustainability, with a focus on designing and transforming systems, like businesses and communities, to engage their deepest values in order to make a difference in the world.  Dimity has published in journals on these topics and will release her first book at the end of 2014.

1. What is your role as changemaker?

ext (1)I am the Director of Barasa Consulting Group. I work with small to medium sized businesses in the area of organisational culture transformation.

I specialise in working with teams to create high performance cultures and organisations that are purposeful and rich in noble values.


2. What change are you aiming to make in the world?

I hope to create organisations that are constantly aspiring to make a difference in the world, inside and out.   Specifically, I aim to create organisations that enable anyone the organisation touches to fulfil their potential in some way and create a society that is prosperous and just for all.


3. What prompted you to start Barasa Consulting?

Barasa_logo_HR_CMYKBarasa is a Kenyan Kikuyu name. The personality type of a Barasa is someone who channels their creativity into service to humanity.

There were three major events that prompted me into starting this business. The first prompting for my business came from a course I did back in 2001 on a spiritual approach to social and economic development.

The second set of promptings came from my PhD research. I focused my research on exploring Education for Sustainability. The research highlighted how critical it was to build character and a moral consciousness that leads to the ideas for change and motivation to drive change.

The third set of promptings came when I was working with an international project in the EU. One of the case study organisations was a large industrial engineering company in Germany. The CEO took over the company when it was approaching bankruptcy and implemented a restructure of all the leadership and management positions — based around how respectful they were in their treatment of their people!

Ah ha! So, here was the basis of my business. Barasa was born.

“What are spiritual values that unleash our potential? What is the design of an organisation that unleashes potential and is truly noble? What is beautiful, true and good?” This is what I do. It motivates me daily.


4. Tell us about 3 specific examples of success so far.

One success for me was launching and creating the Values@Work program that takes organisations through a process of transformation. From purpose and values discovery through to organisational alignment and ongoing action, it brings together everything I have learned and experienced and continue to learn and experience.

Another success has been to offer Values@Work to a small business in the IT industry. The leader of the business is dedicated to his people and sees them as owners of the business. He deeply respects them and wants them to flourish. I will be working with his whole team to discover their personal and business values and create an alignment plan for the next 12 months.

A third success for me has been to work with Start Some Good, a social enterprise crowd funding platform. I worked with the senior team to design and facilitate a day of their program for their global retreat (see photo at right). I love facilitating processes of learning, discovery and action. This retreat had all that. Picture the Blue Mountains, with the whole afternoon spent reflecting and working in a cave, incorporating a fire, photo language, and a Round Robin style process to re-design their website. Magic.


5. What are some challenges you face?

The primary challenge for me is being a solo operator. The learning curve has been steep on all things including digital marketing, website development, collaboration, financial management, time management, logo design etc.


6. What are some ways you look after yourself, even when you’re busy?

This is a tricky one. For me, it is about managing stress and worry about whether things will work out. Will I be able to work with the right people to create the change I hope to see in the world? Part of managing this worry is trust.  The other is reaching out to collaborators who know how to do the things I don’t.

ext As Changemaker of the Month you get three things:

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7. So, tell us what you’d like to share with us?

I’d love to share about my Values Discovery and Alignment Program for Teams offer. It is a 4 week program which includes personal values discovery, business values discovery, assessment of how well you are practicing these values, and an alignment plan. I also offer coaching support for 12 months following the program to accompany teams in implementing their plan. More information can be requested here.


8. What Activate28 coaching would you like?

Inbox Bootcamp! I am terribly excited by this. My inbox is starting to get out of control with personal and business all mixed together.


9. And, drum roll time, what do you plan to spend your Donate28 money on?

This is just so kind! I’d love to put the money towards the graphic design for the cover of my book that will be released at the end of the year.


Donate28 for August

This month, $28 from every Inbox Bootcamp session sold will be put in the Donate28 kitty. At the end of the month, Dimity will receive the Donate28 cash to put towards her book’s graphic design. Find out more about Inbox Bootcamp here.


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