Award-winning film-maker, Sangita Iyer, is this month’s Changemaker of the Month.

Sangita is producing a film “For The Love of Elephants” to expose the cruelty inflicted on elephants in Kerala, southern India.

From Kerala to the Discovery Channel Canada

As a young child in Kerala, Sangita watched the cultural festivities involving elaborately decorated elephants. Little did she know that behind the scenes these animals were treated so inhumanely … nor did she know that she would one day return to Kerala as an advocate for the animals she describes as her ‘soul animal’.

In the intervening years, Sangita lived in Mumbai, India (where she studied science at university), as well as in Toronto, Canada (where she studied journalism) and in Bermuda in the Caribbean (where she co-founded the Bermuda Environmental Alliance). Along the way, she has won many film-making and environmental awards and scholarships, including having her documentary mini-series featured on Discovery Channel Canada.

For The Love Of Elephants

In preparing a research piece for the HuffingtonPost in 2013, Sangita returned to Kerala to document the plight of the elephants used in cultural festivities. She got a behind-the-scenes tour behind the glitz of these festivities, and was shocked to see the torture and inhumane treatment of these majestic creatures. Her upcoming feature length film “For The Love Of Elephants” was born out of her desire to make a difference — for the sake of the elephants.

Sangita has been incredibly busy lately — launching website, preparing a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for the captive elephants in Kerala, and has been directing the video editing of the documentary.

Changemaker of the Month

As Changemaker of the Month, Sangita will receive Donate28 money — $28 from every ‘thing’ I sell this month at Activate28.  Find out next week what she plans to spend her Donate28 money on.

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