I just read an awesome article called “My Daily Rhythm” on Caelen Huntress’ blog.┬áThis is an excerpt from a comment I left on his blog:

Hi Caelen …

I’m a big fan of rhythm and routine (‘rhythm’ has a better reputation than ‘routine’, right?). Rhythm really helps conserve our energy because we’re not always making decisions about how to use our time, or regretting not having time to do something.

I’ve created in my day a routine similar to yours (and I help my clients to do the same) — 90 min time blocks, plenty of breaks, a balance of alone-and-together times.

The best thing about the time blocks is they’re containers for choice – they can be planned or spontaneous (as you mentioned). When you have that space in your calendar, you can really lean into it and savour.

Thanks again for your post. I will be sharing this post with my clients … so they can see another example of how it’s done :)


You can read Caelen’s full blogpost here: http://caelanhuntress.com/2013/08/05/my-daily-rhythm/