STOP PRESS: At last count, Donate28 has donated $588 to deserving changemakers to spend on self-care and celebration. Thank you to everyone who has supported this program. Read more about Donate28 below.

Get the support you need and help the Changemaker of the Month

What if there was a way to get the support you need and help a fellow changemaker while you’re at it? Donate28 is an opportunity to: (1) stop putting off the stuff you need help with and (2) get the altruistic glow from knowing you’re tangibly helping someone else

Here’s how Donate28 works

For every program I sell during the month, I donate $28 into the Donate28 kitty. At the end of the month, the Changemaker of the Month will receive 100% of this Donate28 money. This month I’ll be donating $28 from every program purchased. But there’s one twist: the Changemaker of the Month must spend the money on something that will make their life easier.

Think celebration / self-care / support …

Donate28 money is to be spent on the changemaker’s wellbeing. Ideally it should be spent on something special. Out-of-the-ordinary. Uplifting. Energising. Maybe even a bit indulgent. Here are some ideas of how the Changemaker of the Month can spend their Donate28 money:

  • Going out to dinner (or having a pizza picnic in the park)
  • Having a massage
  • Shouting the team to a movie (or to the latest show that’s come to town)
  • Attending a training course that you’ve had your eye on (a fun training, not a boring one)
  • money-stackGetting coaching or mentoring to help you get unstuck
  • Paying for a band or DJ to come to the office and create a great work environment for the day!
  • Making the office a better place to work in (think plants, a chair that doesn’t give you a backache, new artwork for the walls)

Why are these things important?

Changemakers are usually so busy helping others that they forget to look after themselves. Or they’re so overwhelmed that they can’t find the time. Or sometimes the budget is simply so tight that the money covers the bare essentials only (and it feels frivolous to spend money on themselves when there are more pressing needs).  Donate28 gives the chance — well, actually it’s a commitment— for Changemakers of the Month to spend money on themselves. Since the money is donated, they don’t need to fundraise or find the money (one less stress!) And because the money comes with a twist — that they must spend the money on self-care or celebration — there’s no need to justify (to themselves or others) why they’re spending the money that way. It’s simply the rules of the game.

How can you guarantee that they’ll spend it on self-care?

I often get asked how I will make sure that the Changemaker of the Month spends the money on self-care.  Couldn’t they just take the money and spend it on something else, or worse still, not spend it at all? The answer? I hold them accountable publicly! At the start of the month, I publish the Changemaker of the Month interview on the blog, and one of the questions is “How will you spend your Donate28 money?” Then at the end of the month, I send them the money with the instructions that they need to (1) spend it and (2) send photographic evidence within 28 days. They might send a photo of the team having lunch, or a photo from the weekend getaway, or a voucher for a massage. I will then post these photo(s) on the blog for the Activate28 community to see and celebrate.




Feel inspired? Take action …


changemaker-multicolorNominate a Changemaker of the Month

Know someone who gives a lot and deserves to receive? You can nominate them as Changemaker of the Month for their chance to receive Donate28 cash. Nominate them here.