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Conquer Procrastination

 in 90 minutes

and get on with your life

Shift out of ‘stuckness’ with this free webinar

Discover the 3 steps for conquering procrastination during this 90 minute webinar. The most popular part of the webinar is Action Power Hour where you actually get stuff done while online. Because the webinars are live (not pre-recorded), you can ask questions and get support.

I’ve had an incredibly productive day today. Thanks again for your wisdom at yesterday’s webinar. I’ve had a HEAP of stuff to do lately but have been slipping too far into procrastination. Now I’m simply going to use your steps.

(Rochelle, social entrepreneur)

Is this webinar for me?

Conquer Procrastination webinars will help if you have thoughts like:

  • “I keep putting it off …”
  • “I don’t know where to start!”
  • “Every time I start, I get distracted …”
  • “It’s too big!” or “It’s too scary!”
  • “I feel overwhelmed!”

During this webinar, discover:

  • the 3 steps for conquering procrastination
  • the 3 tips for shifting out of perfectionism
  • the reason why tickboxes (checkboxes) don’t work … and find out what to use instead
  • how to shift from procrastination into action
  • the secrets to staying accountable

This webinar gave me permission not to be perfect. I discovered doing a ‘crap first draft’ is really liberating. Once I’ve done the ‘crap first draft’, it’s easy from there!

(Anthia, business owner, Nov 2011)

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Most experts just give you information overload

There are hundreds of books and websites on procrastination. Most of them outline the causes of procrastination and then give you a long list of strategies to stop procrastinating. Typically, people end up either feeling overwhelmed with such longwinded advice (and therefore do nothing) or super-pumped (and try to implement it all at once, only to revert to old habits a few days later).

The Conquer Procrastination webinar is different

During this webinar, there’s minimum theory and maximum action. You’ll learn the 3 steps to conquer procrastination and then practise them straight away. There’s no homework. And you get a guaranteed hour to take action on your goals during Action Power Hour. Do you have something you keep putting off? Schedule this webinar into your diary and you can relax knowing you’ve put aside an hour to work on your goal.

In recent webinars, people have used their Action Power Hour to:

  • get their taxes done
  • complete an unfinished work project
  • clear out their closet
  • update their website
  • plan for their week ahead
  • and many more
What’s one thing you’re procrastinating on?

For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been putting off writing the ‘about’ page for my website. After the Action Power Hour today, it’s ready to be put on my website tonight!

(Claire, community organiser)

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The free webinar includes:

  • a 90 minute live webinar
  • Ongoing access to the Facebook group Action Power Hour Community
  • Unlimited one week access to Daily Action Power Hour

To participate you will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • Post-it notes
  • An open mind and a sense of humour

Using Post-it notes helped me break my task into microsteps. Rather than having an overwhelming To Do list, the Post-it notes let me see my action in manageable chunks.

(Virginia, visual artist, Mar 2012)

Are you ready to conquer procrastination?

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Upcoming webinars (with built-in Action Power Hour)

Conquer Procrastination webinars are held regularly, including on weekends (Sundays in Aust/NZ; Saturdays North America) and on weekdays (Thursdays in Aust/NZ; Wednesdays in North America).

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Join us on this webinar from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to travel or find parking!

I found it was great doing the webinar at home, in the environment where I usually procrastinate the most.


What happens during the webinar?

Here is the outline for the webinar. Each section is roughly 15 minutes long:

1. Informal meet & greet. Discuss what you’re procrastinating on. Identify your brand of “procrastinatey thinking”.

2. Discover the 3 steps to conquer procrastination and how to make them work for you.

3. Action Power Hour starts. Type your first action into the chat box. Set your timer. Go do it!

4. Check in via the chat box. Type in your next 15 minute action. Set your timer. Take some more action!

5. Check in again, and write your next 15 minute action into the chat box. You’re on a roll now!

6. Type in your final 15 minute action task. Experience the flow! You’ll feel satisfied with yourself when Action Power ends.

7. Final check in with the group. Share successes. Brainstorm solutions for any hurdles. Reflect on which step is most helpful for you.

8. Q+A time


At first I was embarrassed to share my goal for Action Power Hour (putting my clothes into the cupboard!). My clothes had been bouncing from the bed to the floor for weeks. I chose this simple and mundane task to learn the 3 steps to conquer procrastination. Now I have a clear bed and floor. I even have some spare coat hangers from chucking old stuff out too!


Book your spot on the webinar today!


Not 100% sure you can make it? It’s best to make a tentative booking now and then confirm closer to the day. Places fill up quickly.

About the presenter

My name is Erin O’Brien and I’m Chief Encouragement Officer at activate28. From 2009-2011, I taught workshops such as Concentration and Procrastination to 600 students at The University of Sydney. Since October 2011, I’ve been running Conquer Procrastination webinars through my business.

I used to procrastinate. A lot. And occasionally I still do. When I notice procrastination creeping in, I know exactly what I need to do: I put into action the same simple 3 steps that I teach you. The thing that helps me (and my clients) most is Action Power Hour. I believe it is unique and that nobody else is doing it in the world. Come join us and experience the power of Action Power Hour for yourself.

Here are some testimonials from workshop participants:

The workshop was far more practical and invigorating than I expected.

The skills I learned are helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Friendly instructor. Accessible.

Usually I procrastinate, but I now have more confidence in setting goals and achieving them.

take action | feel empowered

Step 1 | Sign up today.  Register your interest by sending a quick email to There’s no obligation to turn up — it’s better to register today (just in case) and then make your decision on the day. You wouldn’t want to procrastinate and then miss out, would you? ;)

Step 2 | Turn up on the day.  You’ll receive an email with a link 24 hours before the webinar. Simply log onto your computer at the right time, click on this link and you’ll connect to the webinar.

Step 3 | Step up into action. Don’t stress about this one! It is all explained during the webinar, and you’ll have loads of support during Action Power Hour..

Being in a group was fun and rewarding — we were each doing our own thing, but we were helping each other by doing it together.


Got any questions? Email the Chief Encouragement Officer