Want to maximise your changemaking potential?

As a changemaker, you’re probably so committed to helping others that you postpone getting the support you need.

The reality is, if you’re showing up in the world running on empty, you aren’t operating at your best. And when you’re working below par, not only do you suffer, but the cause you’re committed to? Well, it suffers too.

The secret to activating your full potential as a changemaker is to refill your own tank first. Self-care. Celebration. Strengthening your skill-set. (And not just intending to do it, but actually putting it into practice!)

Click on the free eBooks below to get the help you need … so you can keep making an impact on the world without burning out.

>>> Stress management

On the Brink of Burnout 3D cover

>>> Time management

 3D book cover 4 Quick Tips


>>> Email management

Inbox Bootcamp Free Inbox Health Check

How far along the stress-o-meter are you?

This eBook has a diagnostic tool so you can assess how much stress you’re carrying, and in which areas of your life.



Carmel Zein“I just read this eBook and loved it! I really liked the casual writing style of the eBook — it made it friendly and easy to follow.

Also, I like that you addressed solutions instead of just saying ‘If you fall under this category then…’ (like the usual tests do). Real life solutions are so beneficial.”

(Carmel Zein, senior conference producer)

Stuck? Time-pressed? Stressed? Read this eBook!

This super-short eBook has the biggest font headings you’ll ever see … and contains my most 4 popular tips.



KatkaZ_LargeimageI first read your eBook a few years ago, and I still use the tips regularly.

So simple yet so powerful!

These tips have changed the way I approach my work.

(Katka Zajac, business owner)

Who is the master of your day: you or your inbox?

This eBook “Inbox Health Check” gives a big-picture overview of your inbox. Includes the 4 Healthy Inbox Principles.



ann brownI feel overwhelmed whenever I go into my inbox and see loads of emails. It feels never-ending.  It’s especially hard when there’s lots of emails to reply to, or lots of actions to take.

Doing the Inbox Health Check with Erin was really helpful because I can now see a way out.  I can give up being a slave to it!. I just need to put Erin’s suggestions into practice, step by step.

(Ann Brown, Happy Being You)

Want more intensive support than an eBook?

Yes, things may be quiet here on Activate28 these days … but I am still available, on a case-by-case basis, for individual and organisational coaching work in time management, stress management and inbox management. Click here for paid options.