I’ve been thinking a lot about email lately. I’ve been listening to my clients, reading blogposts and seeking out research articles.

But my biggest AHA moment about email came when i got out my calculator and punched in some numbers.

I wanted to know how minutes –> hours –> weeks –> months we spend each year on email. I had a feeling the number would be big. But I had no idea it would be THIS big.

How much time do you spend on email each year?

It’s astounding to believe that 30 minutes on email each workday = 3 weeks a year. Nearly an entire work month per year obliterated by clocking up a mere half-hour of email a day.

If 30 minutes a day feels hard to grasp, consider this: Even a measly 10 minutes a day = a whopping 1 week a year.

I’ve crunched the numbers and double-checked the digits.

When I looked at these figures, I wondered if I had made a mathematical boo-boo, a blunder, a careless mistake. Surely these numbers couldn’t be right!

But it’s the power of accumulation … a little bit multiplied many, many times over really DOES make a massive total.

Just like the power of saving money. I remember my grandma telling me if I saved all my 50c pieces in a jar, I’d have DOZENS of dollars to spend at the end of the year (and my purse would be lighter without those big, bulky  and awkwardly shaped dodecagon Aussie coins).

DOZENS OF DOLLARS?! As a youngster, that figure felt unattainable.

It’s the same feeling I had when I saw the statistics on the email table above.


It’s hard to believe that these figures can be true. And these are the conservative figures — I factored out the weekends (even though many of us are guilty of checking our email even on our days off).

So, yeah, the numbers are right. Even if they make us squirm: “Really? I spend THAT amount of time on email?”

How to use these stats to make changes

Step 1 in fixing any situation that makes us squirmish is to shine a bright light on it. Rather than hide back in ignorance, taking action can start shifting these feelings into solutions.

That’s why I’ve created Inbox Health Checks, to shine the light on what’s REALLY going on in your inbox.

I’m giving away 14 free “Inbox Health Check” sessions during August, to celebrate the relaunch of Inbox Bootcamp. I’m excited because I have a new webpage and new logo to BOOT (quite literally — see what I mean here)

If you want more sanity in your inbox and are ready to get Email Fit, sign up for a free session. I encourage you to get in quick, because last year all 14 sessions were taken within a week.

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