Are you working up a sweat with your emails?

You’re working to make a positive impact on the world. And you want to be OUT THERE making that impact, not tied to your inbox all day, feeling overwhelmed and annoyed by what the electronic mailman has delivered.

Just the idea of opening your inbox can fill you with dread:

“How many new emails today?”

“Who’s making demands of me now?”

“How can I deal with this inbox so I can get on with my real work?”


Deep down, you want to be a changemaker, NOT an administrator.

Your inbox can be a HUGE time drain. It can feel like it takes up most of your workday (and some of the evening too). And the worst part? It’s never-ending. As soon as you get on top of it, more emails arrive.

Dealing with your inbox can feel like a full-time job. But the reality is you’ve got other things on your plate too. Projects. Meetings. Research. New initiatives you want to implement. Somehow, though, your inbox hovers in your mind, sucking out your time and energy.


How much time each day do you spend on email?

We live in an email-centric world. It’s sobering to realise that we all spend weeks — well, months actually — each year just on our inbox.

You know all those little pockets of time we spend on email each day? Composing new messages. Replying to emails. Skim reading the invites and newsletters and reports. Deleting unwanted subscriptions. Checking your phone before bed … and in the morning … at the supermarket … and …

Unbelievably, all those chunks of daily email time add up to a whopping yearly total, as you can see below:

Time spent on email

Email is a great servant but a terrible master.

If your day is dictated by your inbox, it’s time to take back control.

These are some common symptoms that indicate you’ve become a slave to your inbox. Do you:

• check your email compulsively throughout the day?

• use email as a distraction when you’re bored or overwhelmed?

• cruise your inbox by skim reading the interesting messages but ignoring the rest?

• double-handle some emails and/or forget to respond to others?

It might be tempting to ignore the growing number of emails in your inbox or deny the ever-increasing stress you’re feeling about it. Unfortunately, if you just shut your eyes and refuse to do anything about it, the problem only continues to grow. (No matter how hard you hope, your inbox certainly won’t get better on its own!)

It’s time to get Email Fit!

Email is just like exercise. We need to turn up regularly if we want to keep it under control.

Just like you can’t increase your physical fitness by going to the gym once a year, you can’t expect that a one-off inbox blitz (getting your inbox down to zero) will magically fix things. It won’t.

Sure, there are a million other things that we’d rather spend our time on than boring ‘exercise’ or ’email’. But deep down we know we’ll inevitably suffer the consequences if we bury our head in the sand.

Email Fitness has a lot in common with physical fitness:

1. Know the best exercises to get fit fast. When you’re starting out at the gym, there are so many exercises to choose from that it can feel overwhelming. Without expert help, it’s tempting to try something that’s not the right fit for you (and you can end up injured — ouch! — or simply waste your time). It’s the same with Email Fitness — having an expert who knows which exercises are best for you can prevent you getting overwhelmed or giving up.

2. Always do a warm-up before you work-out. Most of us just dive straight into our inboxes each day, without being mentally prepared. That’s like going to the gym and pushing your body from zero to full throttle, without stretching first. You might think “Yeah, but it’s only email – surely it isn’t a big deal”. Well, if you’ve ever had an ‘achy brain’ after processing your inbox, I’m betting an Email Warm-up would’ve helped.

3. Have someone to keep you accountable. We all know there’s a huge difference between having good intentions (“I’m going to run every morning”) and actually doing it (putting on your shoes and leaving the house). Knowing your fitness buddy or your personal trainer is waiting for you, though? Well, that’s completely different. Ditto with having someone keep you accountable to turning up to your inbox.

Introducing Inbox Bootcamp …

We all need a push sometimes. Just like an exercise bootcamp can jump-start your physical fitness, joining an Inbox Bootcamp can kick you into action.

Inbox Bootcamp value table v1.2 with heading

What would an extra 1-8 weeks per year mean to you?

Inbox Bootcamp is designed to save you between 1 and 8 weeks a year — time that you would’ve otherwise whittled away on email.

Unlike other inbox management programs, Inbox Bootcamp doesn’t involve buying expensive technology, learning difficult techniques or adopting anything that doesn’t suit you or your work style.

And unlike exercise bootcamps, you don’t need to deal with early morning training sessions in the park, achy-breaky muscle strains the next day or loud-mouth drill sargeants barking orders at you.


About me (your inbox personal trainer):

Profile photo: Erin O'BrienMy name is Erin O’Brien. Consider me a cross between a personal trainer and a coach, of the email variety :)

I’ve helped countless changemakers with their inbox health. I even cured a client with over 29,000 emails in her inbox. I’m confident I can help you too.

I love working online because it’s convenient for both of us — no travelling time or parking hassles. Wherever you are in the world, you can connect from the comfort of home or office, using free and easy-to-use webinar software. (I’m in Sydney, by the way. And you?)

Despite it being called Inbox Bootcamp, I’m no drill sargeant. Sure, I can be tough when needed, but I will never push to breaking point. Experience has shown me that firm accountability + gentle encouragement (and a big dose of enthusiasm*) is what gets the best results.

* Enthusiasm for inbox fitness comes naturally to me. But don’t worry, it’s certainly not a prerequisite for you!




“Before you start any exercise program, please consult your doctor.”

Just like it’s wise to have a health check before getting fit, it’s a good idea to have a diagnosis of “where you’re at” before you get email fit.

Is this session what you’re looking for?

The Inbox Bootcamp is perfect for you if you’re committed to making a positive impact on the world through your work and you:

• Feel overwhelmed with your inbox

• Need to know there’s hope and a practical solution

• Desperately want relief from email stress


“The thing I liked most about the Inbox Health Check was being supported to focus attention on myself (and my inbox).

“It was also nice to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with email overload!

“Going through the Health Check steps made lots of things visible – like how many things I’m subscribed to that I don’t need, and that I’m keeping things I don’t need.

“Just signing up for the session motivated me to start working on my inbox. Before I even turned up, I had removed 1000 emails!

“I appreciate your tips, Erin (like suggesting me not to connect my email to my phone unless it’s really necessary). And I liked the deep questions you asked, particularly about what a healthy relationship with my inbox would look like.”

Toni Spencer

What you leave the session with.

There are 3 things you’ll get from the Inbox Health Check:

  • 4 Healthy Inbox Principles and which one(s) you need to focus on
  • 1 ready-to-implement action item (from my master list of 30+ best email practicesthat will save you time
  • An Inbox Bootcamp invitation 

The Inbox Health Check costs $160.

At the end of the Health Check session, if it feels like the right fit, you’re welcome to sign up  for the paid program that saves you between 1 and 8 weeks of time per year. If it doesn’t feel like the right fit, you still walk away with at least one action that is guaranteed to cut down on your email time.


“I hadn’t realised how much impact my email was having on me – I’d got so used to it that it became almost ‘natural’. And yet after talking to Erin and going through her Inbox Health Check process I can really feel the pressure of it all. I see now that my email is not ‘natural’ at all, it’s an insidious thing that’s threatening to consume me.

“I feel overwhelmed whenever I go into my inbox and see loads and loads of emails. And because I don’t want to miss anything, I check it constantly. It feels never-ending. It’s especially hard when there’s lots of emails to reply to, or lots of actions to take. That can really take up a lot of time and drain my energy.

“On one hand, email is almost bittersweet – sometimes I actually LIKE being interrupted from what I should be doing, so it can be a good distraction. It’s frustrating though if I’m trying to concentrate, and new emails keep coming in, buzzing for my attention.

“Doing the Inbox Health Check today was really helpful because I can now see a way out. I get it now – the whole inbox thing is doable and I can give up being a slave to it! I just need to put Erin’s suggestions into practice.”

Ann Brown,



Want to get your inbox under control, once and for all?


If you’re ready to improve your Email Fitness, let’s start with an Inbox Health Check. It costs $160 AUD.

Email erinobrien1978 [at] gmail [dot] com to arrange your session.