Nominate a Changemaker of the Month

Each month, a Changemaker of the Month is featured on the Activate28 website.

Through a series of interviews and behind-the-scenes blogposts, the Changemaker of the Month gives us a sneak peek into what’s really involved in being a changemakers — the ups and downs and round-and-rounds. (‘Cause being a changemaker is rewarding but it certainly ain’t easy!)

Who can be nominated as Changemaker of the Month?

The Changemaker of the Month is usually an individual, but teams of people are able to be nominated too! Specifically, we’re looking for changemakers who:

  • are making a real difference in the world via the work they’re doing
  • show innovation and creative problem-solving
  • are dedicated to their cause
  • are willing to be authentic and not pretend that ‘everything is perfect’
  • are probably super busy helping others and perhaps need a gentle nudge to take time-out :)

What does the Changemaker of the Month get?

The Changemaker of the Month will receive 3 things: (1) a chance to plug something (a campaign, a product/service, their website, etc) (2) in-kind coaching/training from me (worth $220) in topics such as time management, goal setting, inbox bootcamp or self-care (3) Donate28 money (where I donate $28 from every program I sell into the Donate28 kitty) — the Changemaker of the Month gets whatever is in the Donate28 kitty, but with one twist. They can’t spend the money on their projects or clients. Instead they must spend the money on themselves — self-care, celebration or support.

So, do you have a changemaker in mind to nominate?

If so, don’t hesitate! Fill out the form below and press ‘submit’. (If you’re reading this and thinking “Damn! This sounds good! Why can’t I want to be Changemaker of the Month” … well, although you can’t nominate yourself, you can definitely get a friend, colleague or family member to nominate you. Just send them a link to this page!) All nominations will be acknowledged by email (both you and the nominee will receive an email to say the nomination has been accepted). I’m looking forward to receiving your nomination! Erin O’Brien Chief Encouragement Officer at Activate28   [gravityform id=”15″ name=”Nomination for Changemaker of the Month”]