The past few days I’ve been offering free Inbox Health Checks to help people who feel overwhelmed with email.

And I’ve learned something. I’ve learned that overwhelm is not about the number of emails in your inbox.

I’ve had people who get less than 10 emails per day, and people who receive 200. I’ve seen inboxes with a backlog of a dozen unread emails, and people (yes, multiple people) with 10,000+.

What do they all have in common?

Three things:

1. There’s a sense of overwhelm, regardless of the number in the inbox.

2. That everyone, regardless of their situation, already has some good habits in place. (Whether that means scanning the inbox for interesting emails, or filing some to read later … there are habits and constructive behaviours already in place).

3. That even the people with the strongest habits/clearest inboxes still have room to improve. (Like a couple of people who have great habits and maintain a near-empty inbox, but who feel enslaved to their inbox because they check their email constantly).