I met with mentor recently and I handed him a mindmap of how far activate28 has come in 4 months. At first he thought it was my business *plan* for the upcoming months, not what I’ve achieved so far!

Sharing my progress out loud lets me celebrate what I have done, rather than focus on everything that I still need to do!  Glass half full :) So here are some snippets from my diary from January 2012, starting with being interviewed by Serena Star Leonard on the Retire Young website:



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Other news includes:

  • The first 90 Day Action Group got underway in the first week of January. We’ve got 7 awesome women in the group and we meet fortnightly.  It’s been amazing to see them create their Vision Page for the first three months of the year, and I love hearing how empowered they feel by taking regular action during Action Power Hour.  I recall feeling so excited after the first webinar that I jumped around, danced and then meditated!
  • Another Conquer Procrastination free webinar was run with a participant from HongKong getting up early (7am) to join us! (Now that’s dedication!)
  • The most exciting news from January was trialing Daily Action Power Hour. Two ‘guinea pigs’ were happy to roadtest it, and so far it’s proving very popular!
  • It’s great to be getting paid for what I love to do!  I love to see the money come in (even if it’s just a trickle for now) and it’s reassuring to know that people are valuing what I offer.  It feels like a fair and delightful exchange!
  • I’m making sure I have set clear boundaries around my money from the start: I’m currently putting aside 25% for salary, 25% for tax, 25% for expenses, 10% for charity and the rest for savings.  It feels really clean to transfer money into the relevant bank accounts and to pay myself what I promised!
  • Photo28 received some interest this month but no photos were submitted.  I felt a little disappointed but trust that it will take off in due course. I just need to be patient.
  • I found some excellent mindmap software and am excited to co-author some eBooks using the mindmapping tool.
  • I scheduled in a long weekend holiday … and took it! This is one of my intentions for this year — to take regular breaks from work.
  • “Your Brain at Work” is a fascinating book that I haven’t been able to put down.  It’s about the neuroscience of concentration, prioritising as well as interpersonal relationships.  On nearly every page I find some research that proves that activate28’s strategies work!
  • My  first 90 Day Action goal, “The internet brings an abundance of giving and receiving”, is becoming my reality. This last month has included an exchange of knowledge, of money, of connections with various people.  I’m grateful that the internet allows us to be interconnected
  • To top off the month, activate28 was featured in the online magazine, Happyzine. Read the full interview by clicking on the image (left).





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