Looking for intensive support?

Although it’s quiet here on the Activate28 website, I still offer one-on-one and corporate coaching on a case-by-case basis.
Prices start at $495 AUD. For the fastest way to get in contact with me, email erinobrien1978 [at] gmail [dot] com :)

FYI, I offer Donate28 gifts to my paying clients. Just because! Scroll to the bottom for more info.


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The original Activate28 program! A 3 month journey into exploring 3 of your goals, empowering you via focusing on character qualities (ie your heart not head). Includes high level planning and implementation strategies (so it’s super-duper practical too).



“I almost didn’t bother to sign up because I thought “Why would I pay someone to take me through a process I could do on my own?” – But I DID sign up because I KNEW I would never get around to it – simple as that. So I chose to view it as a gift to myself, and it was definitely time and money well spent! 

It was a really valuable process, of course, looking back over the past months and noting down all the little successes and learnings I’d had – because it’s amazing what you forget, and when you see it all written down in one place, it’s a real eye-opener. I thought “Wow, I have achieved a lot”. Erin made it easy by giving lots of silent space for me to think, but also giving me a set time to do it in (little 7 minute chunks). I found it really valuable to do it against the clock, so I didn’t have time to dither and faff. 

Erin exudes efficiency and purposefulness, and I wanted some of that to rub off on me (and I think it did). 

It was also really powerful to think of qualities or virtues that go with all the achievements, because that allows the impact of those to sink in a bit deeper.” 

(Ann Brown, Happy Being You)


For people who want to get ORGANISED, once and for all :) Practical skills and how-to systems so that you can free up brainpower for the important stuff. Drawing on neuroscience research, you’ll get solid habits and improve your self-confidence about getting stuff done!



“My lack of time management skills had always been a source of embarrassment, guilt and unhappiness for me. I was overwhelmed with my workload, hampered by perfectionism and failed to meet deadlines from procrastination.

Eventually, I overcame my pride enough to accept I had a problem. I realised I had a choice to make: either continue to feel unhappy or do something about it. I didn’t want a self-help book or a course; I knew I needed to work side by side with an expert…

Erin genuinely helped me and had evidence to back up her approach. I’m very proud to say I’m now more organised than I ever dared to think I would be. I’ve acquired many of the practical skills I thought I needed such as improved planning, decision making and task prioritisation. I now also have daily routines, use my calendar effectively, have learned how to break tasks down to make them manageable, have gained greater control over my e-mail and have a project management system to centrally record and order my ideas which I can easily refer back to later.

(Phil Scott)

Inbox Bootcamp helps free up 4-20 hours per month that you otherwise would whittle away on email. Highly practical with plenty of ‘hand-holding’ so you don’t feel alone. I’ve helped people with as little as 10 emails in their inbox through to someone with 29,000!



“Erin, I just wanted to let you know that your help with my inbox was awesome!!!!

I typically complete my inbox warm-up in 25 minutes each day. Then, I do my workout which only lasts another 30 minutes to one hour. This clears my inbox completely. This is a radical shift from working in the constant and overwhelming shadow of my inbox all day, every day. What a relief! 

The way you transformed my relationship to my multiple e-mail accounts feels significant especially because you said I already had very strong organization, prioritization and e-mail management skills. Even so, you’ve been able to help me in a dramatic way – you’ve saved me time, you’ve saved me energy, you’ve saved me attention and focus. Best of all I don’t hate my inbox anymore. You are a rockstar.”

(Steve Mattus, Heart of Business)

Donate28 … to you! Get the support you need and get $28 to spend on self-care

single-dollarI used to donate $28 for each program sold to the Changemaker of the Month. Things have changed now …

Instead, I give $28 to YOU to spend on self-care or celebration. (Sure, you could put aside $28 yourself, but it feels so much better coming from someone else. And there’s the positive peer pressure that you actually need to spend the money AND find the time for self-care or celebration).

What would you spend $28 on? That new book you had your eye on? Lunch at that fancy sandwich bar? A bottle of bubble bath?

When I first started my business in 2011, I used to send cheques $10 to my clients when they completed work with me. I’ve now upped that amount to $28 per month that you’re in program with me :) It’s my way of encouraging you to take brilliant care of yourself!