Out of the blue last week, I got invited by Start Some Good to be on a panel for a Google Hangout. The topic? 

Changemaker Sustainability: Preventing Burnout and Improving Productivity

I’ll be sharing my insights into why changemakers burn out, and most importantly, how to avoid it. And of course I’ll be throwing in some tips around increasing productivity (and taking the pressure off) too.

The Google Hangout will be hosted by Natasha from Start Some Good, and we’ll be joined by Brendan Rigby from Why Dev, who’ll be sharing his experience and observations of people who work in the aid sector.

And you’re invited! 

This Google Hangout is great if:

  • you’re worried about burn-out
  • you’re feeling stressed and overloaded
  • you want some tips on improving productivity


Introducing Action Power Hour on Twitter

As you probably know, I’m a big fan of taking ACTION rather than just talking about it. So I convinced the organisers to include an Action Power Hour via Twitter in the second half of the call.

(On a personal note, I’m excited — I’ve had dreams of doing a Twitter Action Power Hour since forever. We’ll be using the hashtag #socenthangout so feel free to check it out … FYI #socent stands for social entrepreneur).

In case you’re needing an incentive to come along, there’ll also be a prize up for grabs — a 45 min coaching session with me worth $120. We’ll be awarding the prize to someone who joins in Action Power Hour with gusto ;)

I’d love to have you come along! It’s free to join.

Reserve your place here!